Ocwen Financial Corporation is now Onity Group Inc.

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About Onity

Onity Group Inc. is a leading non-bank mortgage servicer and originator.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our core values drive the way we do business, including how we interact with homeowners, investors, communities, stakeholders and each other. Diversity, equity and inclusion are an integral part of those values, which are built on a commitment to integrity and ethical behavior.

We respect each team member’s unique character and contributions. Onity’s workforce represents varied backgrounds and experiences from throughout the world, which is a significant strength for our organization and provides a competitive advantage. Because of our diverse workforce, we gain valuable insights from all levels of the organization that lead to better business solutions and more engaging work for our team members. Solid solutions come from recognizing the distinct talents of every individual.

At Onity, we view diversity as a strategic initiative for our business. That is why we are proud of our strong diversity and inclusion programs and continually develop the necessary infrastructure, workplace environment and goals to ensure outstanding performance.

Our prime focus is on four key areas:
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Community Engagement

Ensure that Ocwen has a significant presence in and supports a core group of diverse, community-based organizations and philanthropies

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Embrace and foster a culture of inclusion throughout the Company and be held accountable for achieving diversity and inclusion goals and objectives

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Vendor Diversity

Achieve a range of suppliers, vendors and service providers who align with our diversity and inclusion strategies

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Attract, develop, retain and advance the best and brightest from all walks of life and backgrounds at all levels of the Company

Through teamwork, professionalism, respect and inclusiveness, we will continue work to foster an environment in which every team member has the opportunity to grow and achieve their professional goals, with our support and encouragement.